What to expect after a treatment for SPIDERS…

  •  Ground spiders tend to be difficult to treat, as they hide in burrows. Normally more than 1 treatment is required.
  •  Webbing spiders give themselves away due to the web presence.
  •  After your treatment, spiders will be flushed out. Webbing spiders should be reduced by 80-100% depending on initial severity.
  •  If you live in an area with lot of trees and shrubs, you will never stop spiders 100%.

Here’s what you can do…

  •  Webs should be left for at least a day after treatment and then removed.
  •  Mow lawns and clean your gutters. Trim bushes and trees, cut back overgrown bushes and remove leaf matter.
  •  Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes.