What to Expect After a Treatment for COCKROACHES…

  • You may find dead cockroaches.
  • For a couple of weeks after your treatment, it’s perfectly normal to see cockroaches due to the flushing effect of the treatment.
  •  No matter how thorough a treatment is, some may survive and may carry eggs but will be controlled.
  •  Your treatment will continue working after the initial spraying, providing ongoing control through the service period. So, just give it some time and they’ll be gone soon enough.

Here’s what you can do…

  •  Eliminate access to food. Your treatment will work most effectively if food sources are removed. Clean up after meals, don’t leave food out overnight, empty bins regularly and ensure you store all food in airtight containers.
  •  Eliminate access to water. Dying cockroaches need water, so ensure that your sinks, bathtub and shower are kept as dry as possible, and put the plug in. This will speed up the treatment process.