Birds can be a real pest in your home, office or industrial park. During mating season, they can become very aggressive. Year round they can leave droppings. Once they establish a nest or nests on your property, it can be very hard to get them to leave. Birds can also spread diseases.

But, you don’t want to harm the birds if you can avoid it. They are not insects, and the idea of killing baby birds is repellent to most people. That’s why we take a humane approach to dealing with bird problems.

First, we have a variety of electric and gel deterrents that make birds not want to set up house in your property. Then, our team can safely trap the birds and transport them and their nest to a safe place – without hurting either. And we can also put up defenses, including netting, bird wires, and bird spikes to make sure that the birds don’t come back.

The result is a bird-free building without any harm coming to your fine feathered friends.


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