Fleas can be a very annoying and persistent pest problem. They are parasites who draw blood from any mammal they can find, including humans.

They multiply quickly – the time between a flea laying eggs and those eggs hatching is under two weeks. And, getting rid of fleas can be a problem. Simply spraying insecticide will only deal with currently adult fleas. Meanwhile, the fleas will have laid eggs in your bedding, your carpets, and any other small, hidden surface they can find. When these eggs hatch, the problem starts all over again.

The treatments we provide take a two-pronged approach to dealing with flea problems. First, they kill the fleas that are currently active. Then, stop the next generation from reproducing. The result is the end of your flea problem for good.

We strongly recommend that you place your pets on a vet-approved flea program prior to any treatment.


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